I’m not so self-assured


Writing is an issue this week. Not that this week is any different from any other week. Writing usually seems to be an issue with me, in one way or another.

I’m still working my way through the freelance program, but am still hesitant to bid on any jobs. So many of the jobs involve topics that just don’t interest me, or that I’m not knowledgeable about. Finances, real estate, search engine optimization – they’re important topics, but I don’t feel as if I can muster enough interest in them to make anything I write about them sound interesting or compelling.

I feel a little better about my prospects after hearing that part of the plan involves outsourcing parts of various jobs. I’ll be a virtual agency instead of just a single freelancer, and the parts that I’m not as comfortable with or fluent in, I can assign to someone else. I know there may be certain risks involved in that, but I’m not as concerned about it as actually having to write about these potentially unfamiliar or uninteresting topics myself.

The reason I’m still hesitant is because the program hasn’t gotten to that part of it yet. I know there are likely things I need to do to protect myself when hiring someone else to write something for me, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Meanwhile, the novel I’m working on, Undying Love, has turned into two novels. It was going to be book four of the SpiritSense Trilogy – I know, I know, I’m going to have to change it to the SpiritSense Series. Now, it’s book four and five.

Originally, it followed two stories of two different ghosts. Those familiar with my books know that I like to write historical fiction laced together with a modern story involving modern characters, in the case of the SpiritSense stories, Suzy and Fin. Undying love found Suzy and Fin getting two ghost stories at the same time, so they divvied them up. Suzy took one, Fin took the other.

Linda reminded me that a couple of people have stated that they found it confusing to follow my stories when the chapters switch from present to past and back again. I’ve always use italics for the historical parts to make it a little easier to recognize, besides the fact that they involve different characters, but apparently, it's still difficult for some. Relating two different historical stories with the two different modern characters in different settings would probably make their heads explode.

Linda wondered if perhaps they could be divided up into two separate novels. The outlines I created for both stories were a little sparse, which is why they worked well combined into one novel. But I agreed that if I separated them, I could delve a little deeper into each one.

So, that’s what I’ve done. Undying Love will be book five. Book four is, as yet untitled. I’ve thought of a couple of potential titles for it, but they each have issues. One is a French phrase, one which is not really that common outside the world of psychology. That unfamiliarity is one of the issues. The story also has nothing to do with France or French people, so it could be a little misleading.

The other title I thought of is a very common and well-known phrase, and is completely applicable to the story, but I counted at least eight books in Amazon that have that phrase, or a close variation of it, as titles. So, I’m still thinking.

Something else I just realized this morning about it is that, having divided the book into two separate books, this one, the unnamed one, is not really a historical story, unless you consider thirteen years ago historic. It will still have the past/present format, with the italics font for the historical chapters, but those only take place thirteen years in the characters’ past. Not a ‘period piece’ like my other ones. It’s, I think, a very interesting premise, so I’m still looking forward to writing it. It’s just different.

Other projects are calling to me, too. One, a personal design project for family Christmas gifts, one involves preparation for our next garage sale, and various other household projects that I want to keep procrastinating (sanding and staining the deck!) but need to get done in advance of our move to Europe. Then there are things directly related to that, for instance getting our criminal (or lack thereof) record from the FBI. A lot of countries require this before they allow you to move there. Go figure.

So, I’m going to wrap this up and see what project calls the loudest.

Wish me luck.