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Past the Point of No Return


It seems counterintuitive that a writer should resist the urge to write. But that’s what I’m doing, for now, at least. It’s certainly not what I want to do, but it seems necessary.

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned the writing that I wanted to do, including a story that I started years ago and could never get back into. I said that I had an idea for it that actually got me excited to work on it again.

So, I did. I’ve written a few new chapters, and the older chapters that I wrote several years ago have now been incorporated into it. It was going well.

But my marketing program has taken a turn lately. A good one, but one that requires a great deal of my time and attention.

When I posed a question in the AMMO Facebook group about an issue I was experiencing, one of the writers in the group responded. Annette has been using and fine-tuning her system for nearly two years, and was doing things quite a bit differently than the two-year-old program had me setting it up.

So, when Annette responded, it was with a video in which she shared her screen, showing me how different her landing pages and emails looked. All the differences made perfect sense, too. But if I still had any doubt about the wisdom of the redesign, her results proved how effective the differences were.

So I got to work changing my landing pages to reflect the technical details she was using, but redesigned for my books. That took a few days, because once I got the landing pages done, I had to redesign the emails that led to them, and from them. One of the emails was to introduce new readers to my catalogue, so I had to create landing pages for all of my books. So, as you can see, my attention has been directed elsewhere lately.

I’m writing this, though, so you should be feeling pretty damn special right about now!

As I was getting close to finishing with all the changes, and ready to reinitiate the Facebook ads, there was one thing that was bothering me. In the Facebook Ads Manager, there has been a notice for several weeks about changes that Apple is making regarding their iOS 14. This will have a major effect on the behavior of my Facebook pixel, that line of code that connects all the sites I’m using, and tracks interest and sales.

The change is understandable. Basically, when someone is on their iPhone and they come to a site using this pixel, Apple will mention the purpose of the code on the site, and ask them if they want their actions tracked. Given the choice, I’d say no myself.

But it’s going to play havoc with my marketing strategy.

So I contacted Annette to see if she had dealt with that yet, along with a couple of other things that I didn’t understand. She suggested a Zoom meeting so she could look at my screen and help me fine-tune everything.

She spent about an hour instructing me on what to click, basically duplicating for me an ad campaign that works for her. As for the Apple thing, apparently there’s no blanket resolution to that. We’ll just need to watch it and deal with it as issues arise.

Well, that was on Thursday evening, and the new campaign was running minutes later. During my testing phase, the weekend always performed best for downloads. This campaign’s goal, though, is not downloads of the free book. Free downloads are relatively easy. No, this one focused on purchases of the “box set,” the SpiritSense Trilogy.

About twenty-seven hours after the campaign went live, somebody purchased the trilogy. The sale price in this campaign was $7.99. Based on what I had spent so far for the ad campaign, that $7.99 sale cost me $8.52.

When I passed the information along to Annette, she suggested I up the sale price to $12.99. I originally had it priced at $5.99, based on the instructions in the AMMO program. My wife thought that was ridiculously low, but according to the program, the volume of sales would make up for the low price. Still, I agreed with her, so I raised my price to $7.99. I guess I should have adjusted for inflation.

Annette followed it up with another twenty-five-minute video as she reviewed my ads and my landing pages, confirming that she doesn’t see any reason why the trilogy couldn’t be priced at $12.99. (Although that could still be adjusted later when I see how the ads do.) She also provided several suggestions of little design tweaks to help with sales.

So my trilogy is now sale-priced at thirteen bucks. Should see those profits start flowing in any time now!


In case you want to check out Annette’s books, head over to her website: https://www.authorarshaw.com