Ramblin' Man


I post my blog every Sunday morning, which means I have Sunday through Saturday to write it. A whole week. What’s so hard about that? I’m a writer.

Saturday morning, I woke up early, as I often do, realizing that I didn’t have a blog post done yet. In fact, also as I often do, I realized that I didn’t even have a topic in mind.

So, as I lay there, wondering if I’m going to fall back to sleep, my head was awash with unrelated thoughts, a veritable stream of semi-consciousness stew.

I had three different Nat King Cole songs going through my head, Ramblin’ Rose, Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer, and L-O-V-E (L is for the way you look at me). I don’t know why they were there. I hadn’t heard any of them in a long time. But I’ve written about that before, how music appears in my head for no apparent reason.

As I thought about the lyrics (that I could remember), it didn’t take long to see that there wasn’t a story there.

What else? Oh yeah, this was a big thing. Linda’s dad was taken to the emergency room a couple of nights ago. He was having trouble breathing, and feeling pain every time he took a breath. After a few hours (that was a story in itself), they were able to do some tests and found that the lower half of one lung was little more than one big blood clot.

Despite him being ninety-seven years old, and despite the fact that his heart had been working extra hard to try to pump oxygenated blood through his body, we were amazed to learn that further tests revealed that his heart wasn’t overtaxed. Different surgical procedures were proposed, but in the end, blood thinners and pain relievers were decided on. (If this had happened sooner, it could have been further support of my last post.)

Another health issue has been on my mind lately, since my coworker (you know, the young guy I trained who is now my supervisor) has been sick. In fact, his whole family has been down with COVID. Physically, that doesn’t affect me, since we both work, for the most part, remotely. We haven’t been in the same room at the same time in months.

But it means that I’ve been carrying the whole workload myself for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, the workload hasn’t been too heavy. He’s recovering, so I’m happy for him and his family, and I’m hoping he’ll be back to work soon.

Something cool that happened this week involves my freelance writing course. The course has, so far, been about optimizing my Upwork profile, and at the end of that section, I had the opportunity to schedule a fifteen minute one-on-one session with one of the guys who put the course together.

I had been working on applying what had been talked about in the videos, which included creating a more powerful headline than just “Freelance Writer.” It also involved choosing the best profile picture using an online service called Photofeeler. This website allows you to upload pictures of yourself for anonymous people to vote on based on different criteria.

The black-and-white photo that I had been using, that I thought was really cool, got a low score. A different photo that I didn’t care for as much actually got a high score. So, I gritted my teeth and made it my Upwork photo.

Anyway, when I did my one-on-one session with Elliot, he said that my profile was the best he’d seen since they started doing these. He said that he often thinks, “Did you actually watch the videos?” I chose to apply what I had learned. He gave me a couple of simple suggestions, but overall, my profile looks great. I’m ready to move on to the next section of the lesson.

Oh yeah, in our quest to divest ourselves of “stuff” in preparation for moving to Europe, Linda sold the popup camper on Friday. She purchased it a few years ago, shortly after we met, and we used it a few times. I’ve referred to it a few times in my blog.

It’s been nice to have. More spacious and comfortable than a tent, but maddening at times. For me, at least. But our trips were not very frequent. For the most part, it just took up space and money at the storage facility.

So that’s an expense that has been eliminated, and a chunk of money to put toward our goal. It was a bittersweet moment for Linda, though.

God, I hope I can think of something to write about.