Smile. What’s the use of crying?


I’ve made kind of an important decision in the past week. The AMMO program that I purchased back in December, Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization, was a big chunk of change. I paid $5800 for it, and it’s full of great information that I’m sure would work if I could put the necessary time and energy into it. It’s working for others in the AMMO Facebook group, but it’s bleeding me dry.

The problem is not the program. It’s the fact that I don’t have the time or brain power to implement everything. And it’s not just the cost of the program. That’s already paid for. But it’s costing me nearly $200 a month to keep it going.

The program relies on numerous specialized websites daisy-chained together. There’s Unbounce, the site where I can build and host landing pages for selling my books. Then, there’s Shopify, the online storefront where my books reside. When someone purchases my book, they’re taken to BookFunnel which downloads the book into their eReader. There’s also Mouseflow which allows me to track my customers’ movements on the landing pages, to see where improvements might need to be made in order to optimize the experience for them and increase the likelihood of a sale. Cloudflare holds redundant copies of my website assets on various servers, to reduce the download time for visitors.

All of these sites charge a monthly fee. Unbounce alone is $80 a month. And this isn’t even including the cost of running the Facebook ads.

So far, my monthly sales have averaged around $25. That doesn’t pay for the ads, let alone the other subscription fees.

If I was living my life of, say, a couple of years ago, I might be able to make a go of it. But the fact is, my life now is nowhere near what it was like a couple of years ago. With me busy looking for freelance jobs on Upwork, doing endless research about various intricacies of moving abroad, going through all of our stuff to determine what to sell and what to give away, and listing the things to sell, connecting with the buyer, and various other things which I’m sure I’m not even remembering at the moment, my book marketing brain power is a bit lacking.

I started the “fourth book in the SpiritSense Trilogy” a couple of months ago, and I haven’t written a word in a few weeks. I’m really feeling a lack there!

So, I’ve decided to let AMMO go by the wayside. For now, anyway. In the meantime, I’ve fired up Adobe Dreamweaver and have built copies of my landing pages, which I can put on my own website, and maybe run an ad when I think about it.

I’ll keep Shopify and BookFunnel going – fortunately they’re two of the cheaper subscriptions, – but I’ve decided to discontinue the others. Admittedly, it’s a major disappointment, considering that I was planning on having my pockets bulging with cash by now. But it will allow me to focus on the main goal ahead of us for now: getting ourselves moved and settled in Europe, and I can put that almost $200 a month toward our moving expenses.

I may pick up with AMMO again later when we have more time. Until then, despite the disappointment, I think this is the right decision.