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Takin’ Care of Business


Our planned move to Europe is still a year and a half in the future, but we have a ton of stuff to do in that time! An overwhelming amount of stuff to do. Fortunately for me, Linda had a burst of motivation a few nights ago and put together a spreadsheet of the necessary tasks, complete with a timeline.

Have I mentioned recently how lucky I am?

The tasks on this spreadsheet include obvious things like going through our possessions and determining what we’re going to do with them, maintenance and repairs around the house (which we plan to rent out in our absence), etc. It also includes gathering and compiling the necessary documents, including a report from the FBI on our criminal background. (We’re hopeful there will be no surprises there.)

We need to determine what we’re going to do with the condo we own in east Denver. Making it available for short-term rental is our hope, but the HOA fee is so steep, we’re not sure we can get enough rent to cover it and the mortgage, with enough profit left over to make it worth it. So we may end up selling it and buying another one, also for short-term rental. The income would be very helpful in our new country. However, so many places these days are beginning to not allow short-term rentals that we may just have to sell it and keep the money.

The spreadsheet also has a schedule for getting our online businesses online. Besides my thing, marketing my books, Linda is hoping to start a blog, as well as having recorded music lessons available for subscription, to provide a passive income stream. Recording the lessons would, as you can imagine, take quite a bit of time, which isn’t helping with her stress level.

Moving our two dogs is going to be a pricey endeavor. I checked with a few professional pet movers, figuring that they would be the most knowledgeable about the subject, and therefore the best ones for such a task.

But the cheapest option available, which involves us taking them to the airport here in Denver, and picking them up at the airport in Portugal, will likely be, at the very least, $2,500 each. And for us to do the drop-off and pick-up at the airports, that would pretty much require us to be on the same flight. In which case, it might be better if we just arranged their transport ourselves.

Complicating matters further is the fact that airlines have stopped accepting pets for international flights due to COVID restrictions in other countries. No indication, yet, as to when they might resume.

We also need to start shopping for international health insurance, international banking options, as well as starting a dialogue with the Portuguese Consulate, located in San Francisco. We’ve already sent off a letter in hopes of being able to gather everything we’ll need in a timely manner, so it’s all available when we need it.

Another task that is ahead of me is to go through all my books and decide which ones to keep and which ones to sell or donate. I already donated a bunch of them a few months ago, but the ones I kept are more precious to me. This includes a lot of art books and reference books. However, since moving boxes of books internationally would be incredibly expensive, there has to be further paring down.

One decision I’ve made in that regard, a decision that actually surprised me, is to go digital. I love real books. There’s something about holding a physical book in my hands that just can’t be duplicated with an eBook reader. But under the circumstances, I’ve decided to make the sacrifice. I’m going to get a Kindle and see how many of the books I can’t do without are available in digital form.

Anyway, since I’m getting a little stressed out just looking at everything I’ve written here that needs to be done, I think I best sign off and get busy.