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Kelly Cheek
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Frankenstein 2017

We don't need to worry about science run amok, with genetic manipulation, cloning, etc., like a modern Frankenstein's monster, or of technology gone too far and machines taking over the world, like The MatrixTerminator and numerous other dark tales. Politics has already created a dystopic nightmare.

We've put politicians in place to represent us, but with a few exceptions, they stopped representing us long ago. They represent themselves and their corporate sponsors. They now take from us to support their own lavish lifestyle and claim that we, their constituents, in a sense, their creators, are not deserving of basic necessities. We don't deserve a living wage, enough food, adequate health care. We don't have any right to expect clean air and water.

Yet, they keep sucking from us commoners like bloated parasites. Nothing is too good for them, but for us, even the most fundamental necessities are, at best, allowed only begrudgingly.

It's a good thing they obviously don't pay heed to history. They won't be expecting the revolution that is inevitable.